We intend to create complex polymer networks and to analyze their mechanical relaxation dynamics. The polymer networks will be modeled with multi-hierarchical structures and multilayer structures, as well as with  Sierpinski hexagon fractal. The relaxation dynamics of these complex polymer networks will be studied in the framework of Generalized Gaussian Structures model.

For each propose structure we will develop an iterative method for the determining of the  whole eigenvalue spectrum of its connectivity matrix. Based of the eigenvalues obtained through iterative methods we will be able to study the relaxation dynamics of very large structures. To understand how the spatial constraints can influence the scaling relations, we will analyze using Monte Carlo simulation (Bond Fluctuation model) the structural properties of the multi-hierarchical structure  and of the Sierpinski hexagon fractal.

Furthermore, we will investigate the structural properties of random hyperbranched built in analogy with catalyst random walk. Our goal is to develop a complete theoretical model for the description of these types of random structures.

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